The main purpose of CDM is to promote a systematic approach to the management of Health & Safety in construction by ensuring that Health & Safety is considered, coordinated and managed throughout all stages of a construction project. Failure to comply with CDM could give rise to legal proceedings as the regulations are covered by criminal law and breaching them constitutes a criminal offence.
CDM applies to all construction projects. However, where projects last more than 30 days or involve more than 500 person days in total (e.g. 25 workers on site for 20 days), Clients have legal duties which include:-

Whilst domestic clients have no duties under the regulations, those who are having the work done in connection with a trade or business do. As part of our commitment to providing a complete service, Cubic Surveying Solutions is able to provide specialist CDM services to ensure that our clients and their premises are not exposed to undue risk.     [close]

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